Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Damn Yankee!

As an adopted New Englander, I can say that there are differences between people in areas of the country.   Take something as simple as Iced Tea.
As most of you know, I love tea in all forms, hot or cold, herbal or black, with lemon or without.  But, what I forgot was that when you order an iced tea, you might not always get what you expect. Having spent a few decades up north, my tea choices are pretty much hot or iced -- and only in summer.  I can ask for lemon in many places and usually they have it.  But, order an iced tea in the southern US and you get a concoction so sugary, that it should be considered hummingbird food.  They call it iced tea, but it is also known as sweet tea.  And, it is sweet.  It is so sweet that it no longer resembles any black leaf blend, but rather drink that once you taste, you expect it to be thick and gummy!
So, after I ordered an "iced tea" and was eagerly served a "sweet tea" I learned my lesson.  I either ask for a iced tea, unsweetened or I ask for a cup of sugar and a straw.

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