Sunday, June 05, 2011

How Time Flies... Happy Birthday, Angels

My babies are now young women.... Ash is 17 and Allie is 18 years old.
Where did all the time go?  It seems like just yesterday we were reading to them and doing baths before bedtime.  Now, we are getting them ready for college!
I like to think that we figured out the parenting thing and got into a rhythm and the time just passed bye.  But, what I wouldn't give to go back to the mornings of brushing their hair, driving them to school and teaching them to ride a bike!

Life goes on and the things we do together have changed.  Where we used to spend our time doing physical things, riding bikes, painting, skiing, we now spend a lot more time talking.  No more carrying them to bed, unbuckling their seatbelts and getting their plates.  They now have clear opinions and points of view that they defend and feel passionate about.  Watching them grow into independent adults is so bittersweet.  While I am so proud of them and enjoy their hearing their thoughts, I can't help but remember the little girls they used to be.  And I loved those little girls!
Now, my role as parent has changed and I have to change with it.  I am no longer a mom to little girls. I am a mom to young women.  And damn, if this isn't the most difficult adjustment of my life!

But, I love my girls, my young women.  And I look forward to watching them continue to grow and mature everyday that I can!

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