Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Projects!

Here are some projects that I have been working on over the past few weeks. Most of them are based on tutorials that I found on the internet and I have included the links to the site that generously shared the instructions.  Most of them were featured on Knock Off Decor

Image from Pottery Barn
Here is Pottery Barn's white coral.  It looks organic and flowy, just like real coral.  It is beautiful and unlike the coral you might find washed ashore, it is whole - not broken pieces.  It is also on sale for $19 - a bit more than I wanted to spend for a single piece of decoration.
My version

My version
These two things are coral that I got at Wal-Mart in the pet section.  This website The Stories of A2Z features really detailed instructions for making your own version of Pottery Barn Coral, which are quite easy to do. These will look great inside some cabinets.  The contrast with the wood and the white coral should be interesting.  I will post photos soon.
My version
 BluebirdHeaven, an etsy seller aged a printer's drawer and used it to store jewelry.  I thought I would do a similar thing to an old printer's drawer, but I would put shells inside of it.  Here, I took an old printer's drawer and primed it and painted it white.  The next stage is to collect shells and stuff to go inside it.  Stay tuned.  (Interestingly, my great-Aunt Jo, who was truly GREAT, kept large printer's drawers hanging on her wall.  She filled them with tiny statues.  As a child, I was mesmerized by the tiny little things she included -- little squirrels, deer, etc.  Each fit so nicely inside each frame.
Pottery Barn's Aged Buoys
Here is Pottery Barn's Buoy Decoration.  They are adorable and sell for $14 - $44 each, on sale.
My version
 Simple Daisy has a post up about turning a 4x4 into an old Pottery Barn knock off buoy.  Above is my version.  Made from scrap wood and paint I already had on hand, they cost just labor!  Can anyone guess what the number down the side means?
My version
Tracy's Trinket's and Treasures made a similar sign for her mantle.  I loved it and did a modified version.  I love how it looks beat up and old -- nothing like today's shiny painted metal signs or electric billboards!

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