Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Recap...

This week has been jam packed with things.  We had tropical temperatures, cool weather and lots and lots of rain.  
We started out the week watching the new X-Men movie. We gave it mixed reviews --- but overall I liked it.  The movie was a "prequel" to the existing X-Men movie saga -- and therefore we knew that our hero would become crippled and his partner would become his mortal enemy.  There were a lot of political undertones to the movie (race, homosexual rights, Nazis) so parts of it were preachy. But, all in all I am glad we saw it.
We have another visitor -- this deer.
She comes to our home daily and stands there waiting to be admired and photographed.  I am careful not to feed her or train her to be familiar with people, as it will guarantee her death.  But, she is beautiful.

I got the urge to piece together a quilt top and so that is exactly what I did on Wednesday afternoon!  It is a simple one, but one that I love. The colors don't show up well in this photo, but is mainly off white, with burst of aquamarine, pink, beige, brick red, white and blue.
My models helped to hold it up outside for me. It is just shy of a queen size quilt.  Now, I am working on the actually quilting process of sandwiching the batting and sewing through all the layers.  The final step is add the binding around the edge.  I am only a beginner, but I feel that I get better with each quilt.

Jon had a men's tennis match with one of his favorite partners, Rick this week.  They played together beautifully.  I had a match on Wednesday that I was quite proud of.

Allie is all set to graduate from high school tomorrow!  We are crossing our fingers that the weather holds out and stays dry between 2 and 5 pm.

Ashley finished her final exam today at school and now is free as a bird for the summer!  My youngest baby is now a senior in high school.... Egads, I am old.

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