Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catering Goes Upscale

Wolfgang Puck celebrity chef and successful restauranteur has opened a number of cafeteria style catering counters around the country.  Perhaps you remember when Wolfgang Puck started selling prepared food in airport terminals as an alternative to the awful airport food?
Well, he has taken this philosophy to catering in food courts.
Locally, there is a "Puck's" in the Boston Museum of Science food court.  Puck's counter is among other counters, but is by far the best alternative in the museum's food lineup of hot food.  The food is not gourmet, like you would expect to see in Beverly Hills, Paris or New York.  But, it is also not what you would expect from a cafeteria.
The food was actually adequate. The counter and buffet was clean and the servers would fill plates and set them out as ordered.  Patrons would put the dishes on their trays and go to the register to pay for them.  The prices were quite reasonable.  I got a large corn chowder for $6, Jon & Ashley each got a large slice of pizza.  We were all impressed with the food.  It was a few steps above typical food court fare.
I also read in a brochure that Puck's does catering for functions that take place at the museum, weddings and the like.
I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised.  We had been at the museum for the morning and wanted to see a few more exhibits before we left for the day.  We planned on taking the subway (the "T") to go to a restaurant for lunch and were quite peaked, so we thought we would stop for a quick snack at Puck's.  We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food.

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