Sunday, July 17, 2011

College Orientation

Last week, we went down to Boston University for Allie's Orientation.  It was a three day long seminar where we got to know about campus, local attractions and facilities.  Allie was in student activities and slept in a student dorm with a roommate.  Ashley, Jon and I shared a "quad" which is a dorm for 4 people.  We had our own kitchen, living room, individual bedrooms, and a bathroom to share.  Allie shared a dorm room and had a bathroom for the entire floor.

The campus is beautiful and large. It sprawls out across many miles.  Jon, Ashley and I walked the length of campus as we had fantastic weather.

 Here is one of the athletic fields.  We also had a view of it from our room.
 We stayed at the tall building on the right on the 18th floor.  It was in great condition and had beautiful views.
 Here is a view of Boston across the Charles River.  It was gorgeous.
 Here is another view of the Charles from our dorm room. It was so pretty the way the road wound around the river.  The brilliant greens of the trees and the blues of the sky and river.  Gorgeous!
And here is Allie and Ty walking to their Orientation seminars...

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