Sunday, July 24, 2011

News Alert! Restaurant Bans Children Under Age 6....

Sign posted at Old Salty's Restaurant in North Carolina
A small restaurant in  Pittsburgh, McDain's started a new policy of banning children from their establishment.  The restaurant seats 40 and feels that it's clientele appreciate the peace and quiet the childless restaurant offers. The restaurant has received many complaints from patrons about screaming children.  In response, McDain's sent out an email to its clientele stating that the ban would take effect starting July 17, 2011.

In response, many "parents" have been up in arms charging discrimination against children and the like.   According to our laws, though, the practice of excluding children is not illegal.

Another restaurant in North Carolina did a similar thing last year.  They posted the above sign banning screaming children from their restaurant.  In response, the media coverage was negative and parents groups threatened to boycott the restaurant.  However, according to the manager, business has increased!  The management claims that diners come to enjoy a quiet meal. Others chuckle at the sign and take pictures and complement the sign.  According to the manager
The only ones who seem to get upset are the ones who don't control their children."
Very interesting don't you think?  While I think that people are sympathetic to a crying baby or a hurt child, I think that children should not be brought into all establishments.  
I can remember when I took Veronica to see the Disney movie Aladdin when she was about 7 years old.  The theater was packed.  Halfway through the movie, I detected an odd odor.  The woman sitting directly in front of us brought her baby into the theater and proceeded to change the child's diaper right there!  I was horrified.  I could not believe the nerve of this woman think she was OK to do this because the theater was relatively dark.  How disgusting.  
After witnessing this behavior I have gone out of my way to avoid children centered establishments.  I welcome the addition of establishments that do not tolerate unruly children.  What I can't understand is why parents think their misbehaving children are adorable to others?


Laurie said...

As a mother of two potentially screaming children, I think it's great that some establishments are 'child free'. If I get all dressed up, pay a babysitter, and go out for a nice, fancy, quiet dinner, the last thing I want to hear is a baby/child crying. Also, at the same time, I only want to take my children to places they are welcome. Kids don't behave perfectly all of the time, and I'd rather dine amongst people who understand this.

DannyB said...

Exactly! I think that the major problem is that some parents bring their kids to places where they know the particular child's behavior isn't suitable (either due to age or manners). It is unrealistic to expect a 2 year old to be able to sit patiently while food takes 45 min to serve. Other places that are "faster food" such as Applebees and the like are more equipped with wipe down tables rather than linens, etc. But, then again, even when I am at a place like this, I don't want to have to deal with kids throwing things, screaming constantly and running around the tables. I think some parents don't care about the antics and assume that no one else does either. I do think that other customers are forgiving -- but when the parents don't try and put a stop to the screaming/fighting/etc, it becomes frustrating. I think the "banning kids" really should be called banning irresponsible parents.
And I am not referring to an occasional tantrum or unexpected issue, but the families who let their kids run wild....

DamianC said...

From the kids perspective,
Theo saw a "No Children Allowed" sign on a movie, and asked what it said. I told him, and his response was, "no kids allowed, how sad"