Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Vibram Five Finger Update...

In this post I showed a pic of Allie and Jon wearing their Vibram 5 Finger shoes.  I also did a post in 2009 showing the shoes and commenting that they kind of look funny.... All in a good way.

Jon wore his Vibram Five Finger Shoes out into the ocean when we went for walks on the beach, when we went SUP paddleboarding (Stand Up Paddleboarding) and when he went running. He bought the shoes with the intention of using them to go running, but also to use them while boating as they would stay on his feet and be snug. Well, he didn't expect them to serve as body armor as well!

Here is what he found when took his shoes off after being in the ocean!
Notice the little round burrs that poked into his shoe and stayed there despite being hosed off!

And here is his protected foot!  Well, now I must acknowledge that the shoes are also quite protective.
Added bonus.

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