Friday, July 01, 2011

Week at a Glance... 7.1.11

This week has been overwhelming and exhausting!  But, here are a few highlights that made me smile...

  • Allie made a delicious pan of cornbread to go with our chili for dinner.  Her secret ingredient that made it utterly delicious was blueberries!
  • We looked out the window to see 5 dolphins playing in the water!  Dolphins are graceful, strong and breathtaking.
  • We went to a Tapas Bar and Ashley translated the menu for us. 
  • We went to see the Green Lantern movie and the theater popped their own popcorn.  We haven't been to a theater that sold warm, freshly popped popcorn in forever!
  • Allie has been taking daily walks on the beach and meeting new people everyday.
  • We went stand up paddle boarding in the Gulf and I saw a flying fish!
  • We went to an Italian restaurant that I call the "LaMeridiana" of Florida.  It was as if someone transplanted the resto down here! 

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