Wednesday, August 10, 2011

flour bakery in Boston

 On one of my many recent trips to Boston, I stopped at flour bakery for a quick afternoon pick me up.  "flour" is a delicious cafe and bakery that was PACKED with people.  So packed in fact, that the line wrapped out the door.  Unusual for me, but I got in line and waited to place my order for a cold drink and perhaps a pastry.
It was worth the wait.
 flour has three Boston locations and I stopped in the Cambridge branch.  It featured modern styling with the traditional bakery cases filled with traditional bakery favorites.  Plus, it had sandwiches and soups.
As the line snaked around the store, I picked up a loaf of freshly baked bread to bring home.  There were quite a few varieties and all looked good.
Then, when I finally arrived at the pastry counter, I was in heaven.
I ordered a raspberry Italian soda and a coconut macaroon.  And was in utter heaven.  I also noticed that flour has a cookbook for sale with typical bakery favorites, breads, etc.  They also offer cooking classes!  If I was in the Boston area on those days, I might even take one of those classes.
The pastries were good, particularly for a bakery that sells so many of them!  The lines were long and it was understandable given the quality of the food.  It did inspire me to get baking again... but that doesn't usually take much!

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Laurie said...

My sister has a bakery she loves that is right near her house in Cambridge...I wonder if this is it? I'll have to ask her!