Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene On the Way.... Stay Away, Please!

After Monday's earthquake, we are now preparing for Hurricane Irene to come barreling up the coast.  Projections change, but at this point, it looks like FL will escape the brunt of it, but Manchester, NH will get a wallop! New Englanders are a hearty folk and while we deal with blizzards, ice storms and freezing rain (many times at the same time) we don't tend to deal with hurricanes.
Hurricanes bring with them water and wind.  While we are not in danger of freezing temperatures, we still have preparations to do.
I spent my morning clearing my yard and deck.  I removed deck furniture, plant containers and anything in the yard that I was worried would get blown up, away or through my windows. The news urges us to "be prepared' but not crazy.
They suggest having your "emergency kit" ready --- flashlights, batteries, water, food etc.  Also, pay attention to the news. If the storm gets upgraded to category 1, they suggest boarding up your windows with plywood. The storm could always move out to sea and we could escape the brunt of it....
Let's hope.

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