Friday, August 05, 2011

Lady of the Lake

Have you hear of this?
The sculpture, called "The Bather" depicts a woman's head and knees, as if she was bathing in a tub.  Her head stands 12 foot high and is 98 feet long.
Photo from Reuters
Photo from Reuters
Boaters can paddle around among the sculpture, at least for 10 days while it is on display.  And some people are not pleased.  The mayor of Hamburg was not pleased and claims it sullies the lake.
The sculpture was sponsored by the cosmetics company, Soap and Glory, so hence the bathing beauty title?
Some people believe it is called the mermaid, but lack of tail makes me think it was an abstract mermaid, named for the thought of a woman living in a body of water.

I don't know the details of whether or not it was publicly funded.  But, going with the belief that it was funded by a private sponsor, I think the artwork is intriguing. I think the size itself is a work of art! I think the idea that it floats around is clever!  I like that it is temporary, so that new artwork can be brought in!  I think it is fun!  What do you think?

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SOFIA said...

I like it! and even if not everybody likes it it is temporary!