Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Latest Drawings

I haven't been doing as many drawings as I would like, but these are the latest ones I worked on while on the plane.  I spent a lot more time on these than I did on drawings in the past.  I was very pleased with the shadowing and highlighting, especially being on a plane and not having all my tools!

 I drew this with a recent Whole Living Magazine cover, featuring fruit.  Can you spot the apple, avocado, papaya, dragonfruit, kiwi and blackberry?
 This was a fun one!
 These took a lot of time.  I didn't have a ruler or compass, so I took a lot time making the medallions symmetrical.
And this one was quick and fun!  It was the logo from a milk container advertisement.  What the heck?  Gotta have some fun things in there too!

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SOFIA said...

Love it all, especially the fruit!