Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Artwork and Abstract Art

I've continued on my paintings... 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there....
I am working on shading -- meaning I want my images to look 3D or if some parts are closer to you than other parts.  And, I am working on depth of field .... This is quite a challenge, keeping some things clear and sharp and other things (usually in the background) blurry.

My latest acrylic painting "Roots Run Deep" 2011
Now, when I see pieces of art, I try and look closely to see where the shadows are, what areas are focused, what colors I really see vs what colors I think I see.
In the above painting, I used blue, white, yellow and purple.  Only.
By mixing purple into the yellow, I made a brown that I use as shadows and tree trunks.
This was also another attempt at abstract art -- meaning while parts of the painting are easily recognizable (trees and sky) other parts are abstract suggestions.... For example, Jon thought that the golden foreground was a wheat field.  I think it looks like an underground view of the tree roots.
These differing interpretations, I am coming to understand, are examples of interpretations of art --- and successful art allows and encourages various interpretations and opinions.

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