Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sea Oats: Uniola Paniculata

Sea Oats are a wild plant in the southern United States found along beaches.  They are protected by law in Florida and Georgia with lots of signs posting fines if you step on them or attempt to touch them.

They are pretty and wispy, almost a type of grass.  They grow in sand dunes and are rhizomes, so the plant grows underneath the earth and shoots up rather tall.  They grow up to 6 feet tall and turn yellow brown in late summer. Sea oats prefer lots of sun and moist sandy soil.  They protect the beaches against erosion as they trap windblown sand and stabilize the dunes.
Sea oats have an extensive system of underground roots which helps its growth as well as well as it's ability to survive on the beach.
While sea oats can withstand the hot sun, harsh wind and saltwater, they can not survive people walking on them.  In response states have posted it as a protected species.

Quite interesting....

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