Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Apple Picking Season

Ash and I headed up to Gould Hill Orchards to go apple picking today after school.  Because it was early in the day, just after 2 pm, we were the only ones picking apples!  Another couple were there, but they were picnicking.
 The day was gorgeous.  The apples were beautiful, prolific and brilliant.  I think the apples are larger this year than in years past.  I remember apples the size of softballs when I was a child. But, I haven't seen them larger than a tennis ball until this year!
Ash and I were thrilled to find some. The trees were bursting with apples.  We picked macs and redcourts.  Cortlands are available in a week or so.

 Some of the trees only had apples high up as the trees had been picked bare up to 6 feet high.  (These weren't climbing trees, unfortunately).  But, luckily, I brought my tall apple picker with me.
 She reached up and snapped the apples off the tree like it was nothing!
And here is the sign about PYO apples....

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