Monday, September 26, 2011

A Dozen Mosquito Bites Later....

I took advantage of the Indian Summer weather today and decided to tackle my neglected perennial hedge. 
 I planted the hedge 15 years ago.  And pretty much stopped tending it then, too.  Until today.  I tackled this overgrown jungle.

 Now, I know what the Great Explorers must have felt like. I discovered long lost species (I found the start of my asparagus trench that I planted 15 years ago). I navigated rough terrain through pricker bushes and have the scrapes to prove it.
I found a thick layer of "natural mulch" on the bottom of the lush greens.  There were 15 years of wet leaves and rich soil.  I cut and dug up the start of maple trees, yellow day lilies and dry hydrangeas.  I dug up plenty of earthworms and found a handful of toads in the wet mulch. I also encountered mosquitos - lots of them.  And let me tell you, mosquitos love me.
But, three hours and lots of perspiration later, I weeded out the unwanted, overgrown mess that was there and left a forgotten azalea bush.  Hopefully, next spring I will still be motivated to finish it with some grass and bark mulch.

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