Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fabulous Birthday, Who Knew?

Thank you for all my birthday wishes, greetings, surprises and prayers!  I am truly blessed by the love, thoughtfulness, generosity and humor of my friends and family.
I started out the day finding a sign on my little one's door.
Since I usually wake her for school, this note was unexpected. 
I had a delicious "English Bastard" breakfast with my father -- roasted tomatoes, an omelet with fresh mushrooms and herbs, rosti potatoes and a huge bowl of berries and walnuts.  I couldn't even finish it all!
The phone rang off the hook and I spoke to everyone in my family!!! It was wonderful!
I got to speak to all three of my sisters and my brother!  And my niece & nephew wished me the sweetest "happy birthday" wishes you ever imagine!  My daughter called from college!

And when I told my friend that I didn't feel a day over 45, she responded that thanks to the Botox injections, I didn't look it either!  
Oh - the joy of friends!

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Yah!!! ;)