Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Farmer's Market of the Season

Our town has a Farmer's Market on Wednesday nights and last night was the last one of the summer.  I have only seen the tents on the town green but haven't ventured there.  I had been meaning to get there, but always seemed too busy to actually make the time. Until yesterday.  And lucky for me, my partner in crime joined me.  (Poor Ashley, now that she is the only one home, I devote 100% of my attention to her. )
It was a gorgeous day so we headed up and checked out the wares.

The markets had a rainbow of preserves, jellies and pickles.
There were at least 4 farms selling their produce and flowers.  The vegetables all looked fantastic, brilliant and robust.  The fun thing about having so many farms is that you can price shop.  Also, there were so many vegetables, herbs and flowers available.
Annie was working at the children's table for the "center for the arts".  There were also booths selling farm fresh meats, carved wooden signs, goat milk soap, baked goods, plants and the Rotary Club had their rubber duck racers out.
It was fun to see the different tables and different farms.  The market runs from 3 - 6 pm each Wednesday.  The vendors do an amazing job displaying their products, in a simple but very beautiful way. Some even took credit cards!
On a disappointing note, though, the patrons were discourteous and rude.  Ashley and I arrived right around opening time and the grounds were not crowded.  Yet, people bumped into us, blocked our exit from booths and pushed us aside when they wanted to get something in a booth.  I was surprised by the pushiness of people and irritated.  There was no shortage of produce, nor was there a crowd.  It was a small local event and it was disgusting.

 Happy Fall!

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