Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nature Around Us

I was busy going about my errands, tasks and chores today when I did a double take.  I was surrounded by beautiful things in my yard!  I was so immersed in getting the cobwebs swept off my windows that I almost missed some incredible sights.
I found this spiderweb on the side of our deck.  It is about the size of a fist and appeared overnight!  Earlier in the day, I was sanding a bowl and the sawdust clung to the web.  It made it pop!
 This "hoppergrass" as my kids used to call them - was getting ready to jump away. I only got one shot in, but then realized he had a friend sitting nearby.
 This hoppergrass was more photo friendly and let me take a series of shots.  I was quite pleased.
I have noticed so many mushrooms this year!  They look so cute in the woods.  I expect to see miniature gnomes sitting on top of them!

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