Monday, September 12, 2011

Recipe Search...

Have you ever seen a dish in a restaurant and wanted to order it, just based on how it looked?
One of my favorite memories of working at my father's restaurant was when this happened.  One year for New Year's Eve, we had "a run" on one dessert.  When I mentioned to the waitress, that this was the 5th order in a row, she chuckled.  She told me that one table saw it being served and decided then and there that they had to have it for dessert as well.  As the one who made the dessert, I was flattered.  It was quite a thrill to have someone think your dish looks good enough to eat!
Being on the other end of the spectrum, when I see an dish that looks good enough to eat, I hope that it meets my expectations. And, I admit, I am not always thrilled with the results.  I am fussy.  The dish has to not only look good, but taste as good as I expect.  And here in lies the challenge!

In the last week, I came across two dishes that I want to try.  One dish, I ordered and it was delicious.  The other dish I didn't get to taste, but it sounded and looked great.  So, I have been thinking about ways to make the recipes....

 The first dish was a tomato soup recipe.  The dish comes from a delicious restaurant,  PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet, MA.  The tomato soup was described Tomato Soup with a Mini Grilled Cheese Garnish.  Local tomatoes were smoked and pureed with seasonings and a brioche and VT cheddar crouton placed in the center of the soup.  It sounded great.  I can't wait to make this, as Ashley loves tomato soup and we all love VT cheddar cheese!
The second dish I had the pleasure of eating! It was an amazing Bread Pudding with salted caramel sauce and praline ice cream.  The dish comes from Eastern Standard in Boston, MA.  The brioche bread pudding was sliced and served warm with heavenly syrup and ice cream.  And let me say that the bread pudding didn't need any of the delicious ice cream.  The salted caramel syrup was divine.  The bread pudding was lightly spiced and lightly sweet.  It was one of the best desserts I have ever had!
I can not wait to try this one... I think the quality of the bread and the salted caramel sauce are key to this dish.

Do you have any dishes you can't wait to replicate?

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