Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tri-Canvas Painting... part 1

I told you about a large scale painting project I am working on.  I have been taking pictures to document the process and record the steps so that in the future it will be easier.  
I wanted to do a large canvas -- really big, large measured in feet.  But, then I didn't think that I could easily transport it.... So, I changed my mind and decided to do a three part canvas.  They would be hung together, approximately 3 inches apart.  Each canvas is 24" wide x 48" tall.  The overall finished dimensions would be 78" wide x 48" tall.  (6 1/2 feet x 4 feet).  I would use acrylic paints.

This is the first time I have done a painting this large.  I was really excited to do this project, but also hesitant.  The large blank canvases are intimidating.  I was worried that I would do a poor job and waste the time, supplies and money that goes into it.  But, when I told Jon about my plan, he encouraged me to do it.  So much so, he gave me enough money to buy an easel large enough to hold the large canvases and all the supplies!

 After much debate, I decided to do a beach scene, from this photograph that I took in August.  I thought I would change the colors a bit.
 So, I used photoshop and with one of the filters, changed the photograph to look like a painting.  This blurred some of the lines on the photo, so they weren't as sharp. I also changed the colors of the sea and sky to a more pleasing blue.
I unwrapped the canvases and set them on the floor.  It was the only place that I had room for all three of them.  I then roughly sketched out the lines for the major parts of the painting.  I drew the horizon line, the line where the water meets the rocks and the wooden posts.  Then I looked closely at the photo to see where the darkest parts of the sky were located.  I did the same with the sand and the sea.
I mixed up the blues for the sky and painted a basic gradient from dark to light across the canvas.  Then, I did the same with the sand and ocean.  I left the area blank where I wanted to paint the posts.
I washed my brushes and let the canvas dry overnight.
To be continued....

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