Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tri-Canvas Painting... part 3

I have continued working on my painting.  I thought that laying the background colors was intimidating and time consuming.  Coloring a blank canvas is scary! But, it is not nearly as time consuming as detail work!
After the painting dried, I didn't like the way the water looked.  It was too lightly colored.  I wanted it to look like an ocean, not a shallow pool.  So, I decided to make the ocean darker, more ominous and brilliantly colored.

I darkened the horizon line and then added rocks at the shoreline.  After letting that dry, I liked the new color of the ocean, but I wasn't happy with the shore line.  The rocks looked too far away from the posts and I didn't like the transition.
I added some more water and added turquoise and white to make the water look shallow.  I added white to look like froth or sea foam. I let this dry and then  then set about working on the ropes.

I added the ropes.  The ropes brought their own set of challenges.  I wanted to them to look weather worn, wet from salt water, dirty from sand, yet strong like nautical ropes.  I added the white lines for rope, added swag and then started shadowing. I also wanted them to look "twisted" like ropes do.  I added some shadows, careful to add more shadows on the underside and the part of the rope that would be in the shadow of the post.  Then, I added some blue/green, very lightly, to reflect some of the blue from the water.  I also thought it was reminiscent of algae.  I also had to work with "perspective" so that the ropes in the background of the painting would be slightly out of focus.  I wanted the ropes up front to  look crisp and sharp.
To Be Continued...

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SOFIA said...

Bravissima, You got the perspective on the ropes right on! Marvelous! One of your best works yet!