Friday, September 30, 2011

Tri-Canvas Painting... part 4

After I painted in the ropes, I let the painting dry.  I made a list of things I wanted to change. 

I added more rocks, as I wanted the area to look more treacherous - an explanation for why the ropes are there.  I wanted to add some more things to the painting.  Jon suggested a dolphin in the water and a bird flying in the air.
I didn't think I could add them and didn't want to ruin the painting.  But, I was determined to squash that negative voice in my head.
I wanted to keep the painting, realistic looking and researched a lot of images of dolphins and birds.
I was now on a mission.  I also went through my own photos of this beach area and found some images that I thought I could add.
So, I added a pelican on a post.... 
I added a trio of dolphins.
And crane in the surf...
And a flock of birds in the air

 Here are the finished panels.  I am happy with them.  Now, I let them dry and cure for a week - 10 days and then I will varnish it.  Varnishing protects the finished painting from dust, dirt and some sunlight.

My original sketch in my notebook

And here is the completed painting and the original photo....


Allie said...

WOW. that looks FANTASTIC! good job not letting the negative voices squash you...perseverance pays off!

SOFIA said...

i lovelove love the pelican on the post!