Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Useful Tools - Appliance Brush

One of the most useful appliance tools I own is an "appliance brush".  This brush comes in modifications, but they all have a few things in common.  The brush has has a long handle (sometimes a long brush, too) and is flexible.  The bristles are usually stiff and easy to clean.
Appliance brushes are used to clean your appliances.  This is important for appliance efficiency, cleanliness and to prevent your appliance fan from clogging and overheating.  Some appliances require weekly cleaning, others only periodically.  If you have pets - you will need to clean the appliances more often due to increased pet hair and dander.  If your appliance is in a dusty area or a high traffic area, they might require more cleaning as well.
Periodically, swipe your  appliance brush in areas of the appliance that get dirty or dusty.  The long arm of the appliance allows you to reach under your refrigerator or deep into your dryer vent.
Swipe the appliance gently into the area you want to clean.  Remove the brush and then clean off the lint with a damp cloth.  Repeat the procedure until the brush comes out clean.
Appliance brushes are great alternatives to vacuuming appliances.  Sometimes you can't get a vacuum brush in the same places where an appliance brush will reach.

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