Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Update...

The summer is over and the fall weather has moved in.  Like typical NH autumn weather, we have frosty nights and mornings and warm (60 degree) late afternoons.  This weather requires different clothing for the various times of day.  But, I don't mean to complain.... Soon we will be needed jackets and hats all day long!
My ladies tennis season has begun.  Tomorrow is our first match and I am lucky enough to be playing tennis with the marvelous Natasha!  The indoor season spans September to May.  We play on alternate Tuesdays and travel across NH.
I have started a huge project -- in addition to some other things I have going on.  I plan on painting a large piece of artwork.  I have made sketches and am enjoying working on it.  I will post my progress.
I am also working on creating some donations for the local cancer fundraiser at the tennis club.  I usually donate a few gift baskets and a few other things.
Ashley has started a group at her high school where they create greeting cards for the troops.  It is a chapter of Operation Write Home that sends thousands of homemade cards to troops stationed abroad.  She will be doing this at the high school with as many volunteers as she can get!
Allie is enjoying her time at college.  She is working hard and I miss her terribly.  We are going to visit her this weekend and I can't wait to see her.
Jon is busy going down to MIT twice a week. He is lucky enough to see Allie before class.

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