Monday, October 24, 2011

Butternut Squash Decorations from Around the Web

While researching butternut squash for yesterday's post on Butternut Squash Recipes, I found some very interesting images.  Some are fun and whimsical and others are intricate and very interesting.  Take a look:
 Here is a clever use of butternut squash as lanterns or jack o' lanterns from pokey pops cakery
 I love this clever use of squash for a intricately carved skull from skulladay.
 I love this use of an squash for transforming it into a bunny rabbit.  The image is from luxury homes, but the wooden silhouettes are no longer sold at Gardener's supply.
Here is a decorated Pluto from Disney's  No carving necessary!

 This great tutorial image is from paperplateandplane.  Detailed instructions included to turn a squash into a flower arrangement.
These squash trio are from toomanyhobbies.  What a cute way to decorate steps!

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