Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Corruption at it's Finest aka Wall Street Protests

It should come as no surprise that many people as well as businesses are watching their finances as closely as possible.  People, including our own government are looking at additional ways of making money and unfortunately no one has come to the understanding that there is no more money to be had.  (Sure there are the catch phrases like "tax the rich" etc, but the reality is that all taxes are out of control.  It is easy to expect other people to pick up the tab.  The truth is that if I don't believe that taxes are fair for some, I don't believe that they are fair for all.  So, do I think some people should be taxed more than others?  I do not.  I believe in a flat tax rate -- i.e. everyone pays 10% of their income.  So, if you make $100, you pay $10.  If you make $1000, you pay $100, if you make $10,000, you pay $1,000 and so forth.  Clearly, the math geniuses  who chant "tax the rich" don't get that someone paying $1,000 is paying more than someone who pays $10.
In fact, they take the moral high ground that the rich should pay more because they can.  This is corrupt and based on jealousy emotion, not on anything tangible.

Now, this brings me to the Wall Street Protestors or as Ann Coulter calls them, "The Flea Party".  For weeks now, protestors have walked on Wall Street as well as other cities in an attempt to express hatred and anger.  Since there is no clear message other than the fact that these people are not happy about their finances, the state of the economy and unemployment, we are left to interpret these riots as we will.
So, of course, the various parties skew this for their own publicity.  Liberals use it to play out their message of inflicting socialism on the USA.  The newly unemployed college graduates, who make up the majority of the protestors shout "corporate greed" and other catch phrases that are meant to incite and make people feel cheated that they are not milking the cash cow like people before them.

My take?  Well, as someone who knows the value of hard work.  As someone who realizes that there are no handouts in life and we actually get back what we put in it -- Well, I think the protestors are nuts.
Here are some basic questions that I can't help but ask.  The answers seem obvious, but I will give them anyway...
Do I want the economy to improve?  Who the hell doesn't.
Do I think the protestors are contributing to improving our economy?  No.
Do I think that a college degree equals a brilliant person? Sadly, no.
Do I think that government should be the largest employer?  NO.
Do I think that more government equals less freedom? YES.
Do I think that socialism is the answer to our problems?  NO.
Do I think that holding a sign and walk picketing workers is going to solve any problem? NO.
Do I think that it will turn violent?  Sadly, yes.

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