Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Foliage Festival in Warner 2011

It was so hot and sunny that this weekend's foliage festival could have been named the Last Day of Summer Foliage Festival!  It was over 80 degrees and was absolutely beautiful.  The occasional slight breeze was cooling and as long as you dressed in summer clothing, it was quite comfortable.  So comfortable that it was easy to forget it was October.

Ashley, Natasha and I hit the chicken and lobster tent on Sunday.  We each got a chicken dinner -- although there was more food than one person could eat!  I declined the bread, butter, potato chips and dessert and I there was still more food than I could eat.  $13 for all local food --half chicken, homemade potato salad, cole slaw, bread and butter pickles and either milk, chocolate milk or water. Well worth standing in line for 20 minutes!

The festival theme was "Famous Firsts".  Honestly, I was stumped by how this could be an entertaining theme, but the participants did a fantastic job with it.  Including Warner's First Flash Mob!  Natasha, Ashley and I were lining up for the parade when we saw organized movement at the end of the road.  We couldn't hear the music coming from that section as we had a jazz band playing near us, but we could tell that the synchronized movements were rehearsed.  We weren't sure if it was a dance group or not. I joked that it was a flash mob.  Sure enough, it was Warner's "First" Flash Mob.  A group of people rehearsed a dancing skit to Michael Jackson's Thriller.  They all wore black tee shirts and did a very enthusiastic performance!  It was quite entertaining.  Sadly, my invite must have gotten lost in the mail!

 The parade was late starting, but was huge!  There were firetrucks....
 And most branches of our military was represented.  One lovely thing happened.  As these (overheating) soldiers marched up the street, applause from the crowd led their path.  It was quite humbling and beautiful to be a part of this display of patriotism.

 There were very talented performers, such as this trio on these odd bicycles.  They had the added challenged of riding in circles while the parade stopped by the judges tent.  They were quite impressive.  They looked calm and cool, as if they have been riding these contraptions their entire lives!
 There were the adorable local children who all dressed as famous "firsts".  There was one boy dressed in a box as the first covered bridge.  Here, we have the first potato!
 Then we have the Kearsarge High School Marching Band.  (Talented musicians, but need to learn the art of marching in a parade, not marching into one another).
And the visually stunning Hillsboro-Deering High School marching band who looked sharp.

There were lots of antique cars, all polished and beautiful.
And of course, no NH parade would be complete without Leapin' Lena!

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