Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A Few Good Things

Lately, it seems like I've had a string of bad experiences involving customer service.  Well, today, my luck changed and I had two very good experiences!
Today, I went to Shaw's Supermarket.  I don't usually go there as it is furthest away from home and there are two stores 20 miles closer.  But, I went in today and grabbed a cart.  Very quickly, I became aware that my cart was squeaking.  And, by squeaking, I mean SQUEAKING!!!!
I kept thinking that maybe something was trapped in the wheel and would work itself out.  The noise kept getting worse and worse.  And of course,  I was getting further and further from the entrance to the store, where the carts are kept.  I was in the middle of the store and the noise was atrocious.  I knew that once I head back, I would be at the registers anyway, so to hell with it, I would just put up with it... Well, sure enough one of the butchers came out of the meat department and offered to get me a new cart.  She walked all the way to the entrance and wheeled back a much quieter cart.  I thanked her and very quietly went about my way.  I appreciated the help!

Later in the day, I stopped at the local theater's box office to purchase some tickets to a show.  I had wanted to buy them online, but the only seats available were awful.  So, I thought that since I was in the city, I would just stop in and see if I could purchase them at the box office instead. I entered the theater and noted that the sign on the door listed the days of the week and that the box office was open to 5:00 pm.  (What I failed to notice was that it left off Wednesdays, as the box office is closed on Wednesdays!)
I went straight to the window and patiently waited for the clerk to finish up his phone call.  5 minutes passed.  10 minutes passed.  The clerk looked up from his phone and I smiled.  He got on the microphone behind the glass and said he was on the phone, but he could help me if I had a quick question.  I said I wanted to buy some tickets.  He explained that he was on the phone and the box office was closed on Wednesdays, but if I didn't mind waiting, he could help me when he was done.
I thanked him and agreed to wait.
Then I felt like a fool, having misread the box office hours.  The clerk finished up his phone call and helped me to get great seats.  I was so grateful that he was willing to do that!  He apologized for the long wait and then I apologized for not realizing they were closed!

So, for all my bad luck lately, I am very pleased to have such good experiences.  What a difference a helpful person makes!

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