Sunday, October 09, 2011

Getting Feathered!

 Feather hair extensions are the big trend of the year.  Rooster feathers are crimped onto existing hair and they stay along with your own hair for 4 - 6 months.  They are attached to a small cluster of hair with a crimp bead and can be easily removed.  You can wash your hair, brush your hair and even style it with an iron if you like. The rooster feathers are not synthetic and are a fun addition!

Allie made a surprise visit home on Saturday and we went to the Warner Fall Foliage Festival for a couple of hours.  Jessie the hairdresser was doing feathers and Allie and I went in!

Allie looked so cute.  She got 3 feathers put in her hair.
I wasn't so brave and agreed to have one discreet feather put in!
It looks more like a streak of dark hair!  That's about as crazy as I get!  But, it was fun!

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