Sunday, October 09, 2011

Tennis Cookies for Tim!

Tim's Birthday Party at the tennis club was a success!  Natasha was the tennis pro and 5 of Tim's friends had a great time.  I made some cookies as party favors.  
I really loved the colors of the frosting. 

I baked the cookies and let them cool, then prepared my area for cookie decorating.

 I made some present shaped cookies also!  First I piped on the "ribbon" decorations.
Then I filled in the "gift" portion of the cookies.
For the tennis balls, I piped the outline of the balls.
 Then I filled in the green/yellow.  I did about 3 cookies at a time, so that the frosting wouldn't dry before I was ready to add the white swirl.
While they were still wet, I added the white swirl and then was very careful not to move the cookies.  I waited overnight to let them dry, bur should plan on 24 hours in the future.

Then with some extra cookies, I made a couple of "T" cookies for Tim and a fun white swirl....

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