Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Each place in the world has their own unique qualities.  Whether it is the sparkling snow in the morning sun or the rough texture of sand, climate contributes to each thing's beauty.  
Textures is the surface of a material as perceived by the sense of touch.  But, images like photos are 2D, so texture refers to how our imagination perceives it to be.  Texture adds an interesting component to artwork, home decor and anything with images.  Textures can vary  by color, temperature, size and light/dark.  And different surfaces have different textures based on climate.
Here are some amazing textures from Florida.  Can you guess what they are?
 This one is pretty unusual for people who tend to see shingles as a norm for houses... 
(painted brick on the side of the building)

 This looks like a river, but is a rock made into a tile...

 "Painted" cobblestones.  All the beauty without any of the danger of tripping on bumpy rocks.

 This looks like driftwood, but is the trunk of the palm tree!

 Southern grass, drought resistant and tough. You won't see many picnics on this lawn.  It is best used to scrape the sand off your shoes.

 Pretty terra cotta bricks lining a walk by a pool.

 A southern stone wall.

 Lava rocks used for landscaping.

Shells washed up on the beach, thousands and thousands of shells.

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