Saturday, October 01, 2011

Weekly Recap - 10-1-11

This week we saw extremes in weather from hot and humid to cold and rainy!  Indian Summer was here and Autumn officially started. 
I completed work on my painting and am now waiting to let it dry before I varnish it. I've started putting away the paints, but have yet to decide what to do with the easel.  I really love it and may leave it up, even when it is not in use.
 Allie and Ty went to their first BU hockey game....
 Ashley and I have been busy sewing throw pillows.  We made three from 2 yards of upholstery fabric.  I am lucky that Ashley likes to iron, because she did a wonderful job ironing the fabric seams and pleats while I sewed.
Ashley also fixed my sewing machine.  She is quite clever and diagnosed the problem.  I spilled some varnish a month ago and unknown to me, some splashed on my sewing machine. The varnish managed to work it's way into the on/off switch.  This essentially welded the switch shut.  Ash tool one look at it and figured it out.  She took apart the machine, got some dental floss and fixed it!  All within 5 minutes.
Thanks to her hard work, I have three throw pillows and a working machine!
Ashley took her SAT's again and is busy working on college applications.
Jon is busy with his class and work.  He manages to find a little time for tennis, though. And yesterday he came up with an idea for a great appetizer recipe!  Stay tuned for that soon!

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