Sunday, October 23, 2011

While Walking Along the Beach...

Jon and I took a long walk on the beach this afternoon.  Our game plan was to walk to the Subway sandwich shop, which we guessed was a mile or so away.  It was a beautiful day and we walked and talked and admired the ocean, the birds and the scenery.  After about 45 minutes into our walk, Jon noticed a pelican near the shore.  After closer inspection, I saw what he was looking at, the bird had a fishing line wrapped around its wing and a hook in it's bill.  Jon slowly moved closer to the hurt bird, to see if he could free it from the fishing line, but the bird tried to fly away.
It was obvious the pelican was hurt and soon a crowd gathered.  When we realized we couldn't get closer to the animal, Jon called the nearby local bird sanctuary.  Jon left a message and within 5 minutes, help arrived and the bird was free!
It was rather heartwarming to see.

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