Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Journal Day 1 - December 1, 2011

I am so excited about Advent and daily Advent Journal through Gonna Stuff A Chicken.  The purpose of the journal is to take time to celebrate Christmas and all that it entails.  Sometimes, the Christmas spirit gets lost when things get hectic. And we all know that they will get hectic!
I have created a list of 24 mini tasks or prompts, giving one a day.  Don't get worried if you miss a day.  Just catch up when you can.  I will post each day and you can choose to do one day or all 24!
I am keeping a series of pages with 2 holes punched in each of them.  Two book rings will hold the pages together.  I like to do this, so that if I make a mistake, I can easily replace the pages without any problem. I can also add things to this as well, by just punching two holes and adding it to my journal.

A few suggestions for making a successful journal.
-Share with whomever you choose or no one at all.  A journal is meant to be for you.
-Some people like to print out lists on the computer and others like to use pen and paper.  Some people like to do a little of both!  Anything goes.
-Don't worry about making mistakes.  You are trying to record your thoughts.
-Spend as much time as you like recording your thoughts.  If you wish to set aside a task for another day, do it!  Make it fun and enjoyable.

As a Christmas gift to my blog readers, I have created blank pages (5"x7") that you can save to your computer, print and then fill in as you choose.  Each day, I will post the journal page of the day.  You can use them or make your own.  You can dress them up of keep and embellish them or keep it simple.
Blog Journal Day 1 - Double Click to enlarge
Day 1 Advent Journal 12.1.11
Today's Prompt: Make a list of 10 things that when you see immediately make you think of Christmas.  Bonus - Try and include some images from your list, either draw, cut out pictures or find photographs.

 Here is Day 1 of my Advent Journal. I printed out the Journal Prompt and then made some sketches.  I outlined them with ink and then added some color with colored pencils.
  My "list" is all over the place.  I sketched some pictures and listed some words. I only used one side of the page, but feel free to use both sides or print out multiple copies. Initially, I thought that some of my images were childish.  Then I realized that IT IS OK! It is actually quite fun to feel like a child sometimes! Each person's list will be a little different.
I made a cover for my journal.  I took a piece of cardboard  measuring 5"x7"and covered it with heavy paper that I liked.  I punched 2 holes in it and added it to my book.
 I did the same with another piece of cardboard for the back of the journal.  The cardboard keeps the inside pages protected.  The book rings (can be purchased in the office section in pharmacies and Staples) come in various sizes.


SOFIA said...

Great Daniela
I can't wait for the other activities...check out my journal entry

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very cute! Can't wait to start mine!!