Saturday, November 05, 2011

Colors of Caladan

I am back from a long few weeks from working on getting the apartment fixed up.  It has been a long work in progress that we all worked on since June 21st.  But, these last 2 weeks have been spent doing decor work.  Long hours, tedious work that in my mind transforms a place into a home.  That is to say, personalizes it for the occupants.  Many places are livable and quite enjoyable, but it is the "small touches" that make it really geared towards the individual occupant. And since life is so short, it is these things that make it living vs. existing.  So, if you are setting up a home for someone who enjoys reading, take the time to make an area that is comfortable for them to do so, complete with space for a place to put their drink, a place to leave their phone and a nice view.  This could mean an uncluttered area or view of mountains, but some area that is their haven.  What a difference it makes in our lives when we have a space dedicated to recharging!  
I wanted this space to be serene, upbeat and clean.  I didn't want clutter or distractions. I just wanted peace. I chose colors that were naturally found in the area and emphasized them.  (The previous tenants did exactly the opposite.  To me, it looked like they tried to erase the airy and openness of the place with dark orange walls and lots of dark wood. The dark colors grounded everything producing a very floor based environment.  The light colors make things appear to be floating and this is the look I like.)
 These are my colors.  I love the blues and turquoise.  Ashley suggested the green addition.  Green is such a natural color that it is almost a neutral. How can you go wrong with the color of plants and leaves?  I added the pinkish orange color -- also called terra cotta, as it is a common color in the south.  To overlook this color, would be a mistake on my part, so while it is not my go to color, embracing it was far more attractive than rejecting it.  And white.  I almost left this out of my color scheme, thinking it was a default color, rather than a choice.  But, as I started to decorate, I realized that I had to make a definite effort to add white.
Now, this color scheme kind of evolved.  I started with the blues -- my absolute favorite colors.  Gradually, I found that the addition of the green, terra cotta and white completed the scheme.  This is not to say that I do not add other colors, but I tend to focus and emphasize these colors.
 Here are the paintings that I worked on last month.  Jon took this photo of me with them hanging in place, on a large unadorned wall.  I love them!
 Here is the bedroom. There is not a lot of blues in the bedroom.  There are some blues and the room itself is very serene.
 Here is one shot of the living room. Notice the blues and whites, with the occasional accent colors.
 Here is the mantle - again, echoing the color scheme, but with various personalized artifacts thrown in.  The antique buoy is dated with our wedding year.  The other items are reminiscent of of fishing/marine living.
 Here is a night image of the breakfast nook.  The painting uses greens and the table functions as a mini buffet table.
 The reading nook is comfortable area for reading a book or magazine in the bedroom before starting the day.
 Here is a turtle shell that Allie gave me years ago. I love the natural look of it and used it as a vessel to fill with feathers and hanging vines.  The peacock feathers brought in some natural blue color and make the vessel pop with color!
 The turtle shell sits on the bar, which is quite dark.  But, the addition of the ship with the white sails continues the nautical theme.
And continuing the living quarters onto the patio is the deck furniture.  The green cushions continued the color scheme and also added some lightness to the otherwise dark furniture.

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