Monday, November 21, 2011

Comedian John Pinette

On Friday, Jon, Ashley & I went to the Capitol Center to see John Pinette, a fantastic performer and comedian. Pinette, stared on Broadway, as a woman in Hairspray. He frequently breaks out into song during his act and has a booming voice.  His comedy act is laugh-out-loud funny, just what the doctor ordered after a long week.  Pinette has the ability to deliver lines, memories and anecdotes in a amusing, sometime surprising way.  He laughs at himself and during his act, when he smiles, he turns inside out!  He has a great presence on stage, deliver's punchlines with skill and is full of energy.
We saw his first DVD titled, "I'm Starving!" and we laughed and laughed.  When we heard he would be performing locally, we were thrilled.  His current tour "Still Hungry" is also out of DVD.  And even though we went to see him in person, he says that each performance is a little different.  So, we will be definitely be watching his DVD.

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