Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cranberry Bog Lemon Martini from Legal Seafood

My friend Natasha loves Cosmopolitans.  We sometimes go to a restaurant that serves "Metropolitans" made with Pomegranate vodka. I was never a fan of martinis (or vodka based drinks) until we took a bar tending course and learned some "tricks" to making a respectable drink.  The bar tender/teacher made a self-proclaimed "fantastic" Cosmopolitan that everyone agreed lived up to its name.
Since then, I have occasionally tried a specialty drink.
After a long day of travel, with flight delays and crowds, we finally arrived in Boston.  Before we parted company with Allie, we went to Legal Seafood for dinner.  The specials menu contained some enticing things.... one of them was the Cranberry Bog Lemon Martini made with pureed cranberries.  I wanted to try it and really enjoyed it.
When I arrived home, I searched the internet and found that it is a favorite! Even though I don't plan on making one, I found a link to the recipe here.

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