Monday, November 14, 2011

House Full of Nuts

For the last few autumns, we have kept a bowl of nuts on the counter along with a cracker for snacking.  Ashley sometimes skips the cracker and just cracks the walnut with her palm.  Yes -- we breed them strong in New England...
The nuts are beautiful and I love it when the grocery stores get their stock!  Ashley came in with a very self satisfied grin on a few days ago.
 It seems she cracked a walnut and got a perfect shell-less nut!  I had to take a picture (we don't get out a lot around here, as you can tell).
And here is a perfectly shell-less walnut.  It is spherical and looks like a brain!  Since then, I have tried and failed to get my own shell-less walnut.  They still taste good, but removing the shell without damaging the meat is quite the skill!

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Allie said...

thats AWESOME! It must be like trying to crack an egg in the palm of your hand..