Saturday, November 26, 2011

Join Me for an Advent Journal this December!

Join me for a fun Advent Activity at Gonna Stuff a Chicken from Dec 1 - Dec 24th to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a busy time and through all the hustle and bustle it is easy to lose track of true meaning of the holiday.  
As a child, I remember the excitement of opening up an Advent Calendar each day leading up to December 25th.  Now, through the wonders of technology, we can all take part in one, from Italy to Maine, to the Great North Woods of NH to upstate NY.... 
Each day I will post a simple task or prompt.  You take a few moments in your day to complete the task.  It is a fun way of basking in the Christmas Spirit.

I call it an Advent Journal.  You don't need a fancy journal at all! Keep a small notebook or like I am doing, a group of index cards held together with a ring!
You can follow along and post your progress in the comment section if you like.  I will be posting my progress throughout the season.
Most "tasks" require only a pen and some paper, but a camera would be helpful or just some pictures....
This would be a fun Journal to keep with kids, I would love to hear what my children include!

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SOFIA said...

Great Idea! Sounds like fun! I can't wait.