Saturday, November 19, 2011

Peach Amaretto Jam from Stonewall Kitchens

Have you seen the Stonewall Kitchen products on store shelves?  My sister is lucky enough to live close to a beautiful Stonewall Kitchen Cafe and Store.  Today, Natasha and I visited and were the first ones in the store.  I don't usually try the samples, but since the jars hadn't been touched yet, I had to try some yummy flavors.  I tried a few that were tasty it was the the Peach Amaretto Jam that was outstanding.
It is studded with sweet peaches, but also had a rich almond flavor.  The combination is heavenly and multi-layered.  I bought 2 jars!
When I got home, I made Jon a snack using the jam.

Peach Amaretto & Cheddar Quesadillas

1 flour tortilla
2 -4 thin slices cheddar cheese
2-4 thin slices pepper jack cheese
1 T peach amaretto jam
1/3 thinly sliced apple

Heat a non-stick pan and spray.  Place tortilla in the pan and heat until one side is quite warm.
Flip tortilla over and using only half of the tortilla (just eyeball where you will fold it) layer the cheese, jam, apple slices and more cheese.
Fold the tortilla in half (it will be a half circle now).  Let cook on one side for 1 - 2 minutes, then flip over and do the same thing.
Lightly sprinkle with salt.
Remove from heat and place on a cutting board.  Let sit for 2 minutes to cool a bit and become more solid.
Slice into wedges and serve.
Delicious snack!

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