Thursday, November 10, 2011

Polar Seltzer Winter 2011 Flavors

'Tis the Season.... for flavored seltzer water.  Polar, the maker of many flavors of seltzer has introduced 4 limited time flavors until the end of December.
Unlike their soda line, seltzer is unsweetened carbonated water.  The flavor is more of a scent and spikes the no calorie beverage with some flavor reminiscent of the various names.  Typically, seltzer is used as a mixer for cocktails or punches and these flavors would be a great addition to any holiday gathering.  I don't drink soda as I don't like the sweetness, but occasionally enjoy seltzer water for the bubbles!
Here are the flavors, selling for 99 cents for a liter...
 Candy Cane - a Peppermint flavor
Granny Smith (Apple)

Pumpkin Spice

I think some of these are worth a try!  I can't wait to try the Candy Cane & Eggnog versions.  Add to a 1/4 cup chocolate milk and you have an ice cream-less soda!

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