Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Removing Wallpaper - Part 2

I have finally finished removing the wallpaper!
In my last wallpaper removal post, I talked about scraping off the wallpaper and then taking inventory of the walls.
Now is a good time to wash the walls.
Yes.  Wash. The. Walls.

This is one of the most important things you can do to prepare the wall for the painting.  Washing the walls is simple, but a bit of work.  Fill a bucket halfway with warm water.  Add a splash of vinegar and get a sponge.
Rinse the sponge in the bucket and squeeze out most of the moisture.  Now, bring the sponge to the wall and using a circular motion, rub the walls as if you were cleaning glass.  Do this gently.  Do this until you can't see any more streaks from the adhesive. Now let the wall dry.  This can be overnight or longer, depending on the temperature and humidity.

 After the walls are dry, look for anything that might need work. This includes stains on walls, mold, dents, cracks, holes, etc.  Repair these imperfections with spackle or wall filler that can be purchased at the hardware store.  If you come across mold, wash that wall and let dry.  Then wash it with bleach again.  And again until the mold disappears.  Let dry thoroughly.
After the spackle is dry, sand it if necessary to make the repairs flat.  Dust.
Tape off any trim and lay down drop cloths.
 Tape off any trim and lay down drop cloths.  Paint a layer of "stain killer" or primer.  Let dry. Paint another over problem areas.  Let dry. Most take less than an hour to dry. Then you can start painting the walls.  Paint at least 2 coats and let dry in between each layer.
It is quite important to purchase good quality paint.
And the final result....

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