Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving is But A Week Away

 Thanksgiving Day is the official beginning of the Holiday season, followed by Advent, Christmas and then New Year's Day.  It is the start of year end celebrations and time for gratitude and family.
Did you know some interesting facts about Thanksgiving?
-There were 735 million pounds of cranberries produced in 2010 with Wisconsin leading in production.  Massachusetts came in next, followed by NJ, Oregon and Washington.
-There were 242 million turkeys raised in the US in 2010.
-1.69 million pounds of sweet potatoes were produced in 2009 by North Carolina, California and Louisiana alone!
-There are 3 places named "Turkey" in the USA - Turkey, Texas, Turkey Creek, La and Turkey, NC.
-There are 28 places in the USA named Plymouth!
-Thanksgiving Day is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the USA.
-Puritans brought one drink with them on the Mayflower --- beer.
-The First Thanksgiving celebration (1621) lasted three days.

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