Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

Preparations are one of my favorite things about big family dinners. I love the scents wafting from the kitchen. I love that my daughters are inspired to try their hand at new recipes for the family to try!
Today Ashley made a quick 2 minute cake from scratch that cooks in the microwave in a mug! The recipe has been making its way around the Internet for the last few years, but she was all excited about trying it and seeing if a cake made in the microwave could be yummy.
She is such a curious girl!

Allie is on her first break from her first semester at college. My little girl has grown up. She is quite self sufficient and mature. It is amazing how much she has grown in 3 months.

I made a batch of fudge as Jon loves it but hasn't had it since last Thanksgiving. This year, I took an idea from the trendy salt with chocolate fad and sprinkled crushed sea salt on top. I am very curious about his reaction to this. Salt and chocolate are two of his favorite favors. If I could only figure out a way to combine garlic and jalapeño, he would be in heaven.... Or a spicy, chocolate induced coma!

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