Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent Journal Day 11 - December 11, 2011

Our brains process memories using all the senses.  Scents are great triggers for memories but so are sounds.  There are some sounds that we hear and we immediately remember the last time we heard them -- like the sounds of waves crashing on the shore or seagulls squawking. But, we also remember other sounds in relation to our lives.  We remember the buzz of city life, the first peepers of spring, the sound of the wind whistling on ice on a lake, the churn of a chairlift or the hum of a lawn mover.  And with those sounds, we remember being in certain places.  We remember the temperature of the air, the sun on our faces, the wind at our backs.  
What sounds do you remember from Christmas's past?
 Day 11 Advent Journal 12.11.11
Today's Prompt: List the Sounds of Christmas

 Here is Day 11 of my Advent Journal. I listed Christmas bells, Christmas music, pine needles falling on the floor, footprints crunching on the snow, feet running into the living room and footsteps on the roof.

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