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Advent Journal Day 20 - December 20, 2011

The perennial favorite "Twelve Days of Christmas" song is one that I adored since childhood. Not only is is it a fun song, a great memory challenge and interesting verse, but it is so romantic.  The repeating lyrics, "On the _____ day of Christmas my true love gave to me....." are just so romantic and adoring.  Sigh.  
The twelve days of Christmas, as referred to in the song, actually are Christmas Day (12-25) though the evening of January 5th, the day before the Feast of the Epiphany.  The song is thought to be older than the printed version, which dates back to 1780, in France.  The song made it's way to the United States around 1910.
Some believe that the song was written as a way to prompt Catholics to remember their faith with each day a reference to a Christian belief.
Day 1 - A partridge in a pear tree - refers to Jesus
Day 2 - Two Turtle Doves - refers to the 2 Testaments, Old and New
Day 3 - Three French Hens - refers to the Three Wise Men
Day 4 - Four Calling Birds - refers to the 4 Gospels
Day 5 - Five Gold Rings - refers to the first 5 Books of the Old Testament, The Torah
Day 6 - Six Geese-A-Laying - The 6 days of Creation
Day 7 - Seven Swans a Swimming- refers to 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Day 8 - Eight Maids A Milking - The 8 Beatitudes
Day 9 - Nine Ladies Dancing - refers to the Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Day 10 - Ten Lord's A Leaping - refers to the Ten Commandments
Day 11 - Eleven Pipers Piping - refers to the 11 Faithful Apostles
Day 12 - Twelve Drummers Drumming - refers to the Apostles Creed

Still others take the song more literally. Starting in 1984, PNC bank creates an actual cost of the gifts mentioned in the song.  In 1984 the cost was 12,623.10  (this includes renting the services of the people mentioned in the song).  In 2011, the cost was $24,263.18.

  Day 20 Advent Journal 12.20.11
Write out all 12 days of Gifts given by "My True Love".

 Here is my journal entry.  I made the image of the partridge in a pear tree.

Bonus - I will give a journal prompt for the last day, day 24 on Dec 20 to give you additional time to consider it and work on some ideas.

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