Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advent Journal Day 23 - December 23, 2011

There are only 2 more Advent posts until Christmas day!  I have really enjoyed these posts, your very kind comments about the posts and following along with the others' journals!  Thank you for your interactions and compliments.
Today's journal prompt is about doing something for another person.  Even though we are swamped with Christmas chores this close to the holiday, try to make time to do one more task.  Do something unexpected for someone.  Do something where you share the Christmas spirit with a friend, acquaintance or even stranger.
Give the delivery man a candy cane or brush snow off the car parked next to you!

 Day 23 Advent Journal 12.23.11
Share the Christmas Spirit with Another Person

 My journal entry reads:
At work, we get a lot of boxes and packing material in the shop.  Pam, one of the women who works in the shop saw me eyeing the corrugated cardboard one day.  She told me that she unpacks lots and lots of it and takes it to the recycling bin.  She offered to save some for me.  So, since July, she has been leaving me boxes of cardboard sheets!
I cut them into shapes and embellished them with fun stuff to use as Christmas ornaments.  We went into work on Saturday, while the shop was closed and I went into Pam’s area and hung a bunch of my ornaments for her to find on Monday morning.  I hung ornaments from hooks she uses to hold her products, from her spray bottle, from the broom hook.  I tried to leave them in areas that she would stumble upon throughout her day!
She loved it!  She was quite surprised and was interested in seeing what I did with the cardboard that she saves! I have to admit that I enjoyed making the ornaments and hiding them around her work area. I also was glad that she liked the surprise.

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