Sunday, December 04, 2011

Candy Cane Ideas Round Up

Candy Canes and the flavor peppermint are a fantastic Christmas flavor!  One on my favorite.  Who doesn't recognize the brilliant colors swirled together as festive?

  • Use Candy Canes as Gift Toppers
  • Use one as a stirrer for hot chocolate
  • Hang them on a Christmas Tree
  • String them across a mantle or window frame
  • Add to indoor wreaths
  • Place one candy cane at each place setting on a table
  • Chop up candy canes and mix in vanilla ice cream
  • Use as a topping for a hot fudge sundae

Here are some great ways that other people have used candy canes.

Image by Ecopolitan Bride
Ecopolitan Bride gives instructions on creating this fun centerpiece using candy canes and ribbon
Image from Good Housekeeping
 Good Housekeeping has a bunch of ideas for decorating with red and white.
Image from Land O Lakes
Land O Lakes gives the recipe for Candy Cane Biscotti

Better Homes and Gardens gives an easy recipe for Candy Cane Bark.  Chocolate Bark has become popular by melting chocolate, spreading thin and then topping with various candies or nuts.  The candy cane version looks beautiful against either dark or white chocolate.
Cute Food for Kids gives instructions for transforming 2 candy canes into a heart using the heat of an oven.  This craft is great for Christmas or St. Valentine's Day in February.

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